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Complete the required information and submit, we will do your background check. Then simply call us for Part 2 of the application process, 321-417-5151.


In consideration of my acceptance, when I submit my information, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the EMETSEEI Institute Inc.

I understand that, in order to be eligible for continuation in the program, I must agree to be properly credentialed and licensed (where appropriate), pass a criminal background check, be eligible to participate in the online program enviroment, submit to a TB skin test or x-ray, urine analysis and blood test to determine chemical dependency and be insurable and hold a valid driver's license.

I understand that I must have access to a computer (Windows or Mac based) with high speed internet to access online coursework, regardless of the educational format requested.

I understand that, if I have a felony and/or am listed on the Federal Exclusion list, I may not be able to obtain credentials to complete clinical internship, field internship, and/or be able to be placed within an organization for employment.

I certify that the information given by me in this application is correct and without consequential omissions and understand that any misstatement or omission will void this application and is grounds for dismissal in accordance with EMETSEEI Institute Inc policy.

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