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Jeff & EMETSEEI Institute Faculty/Staff, 

Just wanted to say you are doing a great service to the community in preparing young people with knowledge to enter the work force. So many millennials have an entitlement attitude and you exercise tough love, “Dutch Uncle” style and I am not prejudice against Dutch people as I am probably a good bit Dutch and or Swedish but we do people, young people, a disservice if we do not advise and speak truth into their lives. There is a standard that we all strive to meet. It would be unjust to tell them all was well when they had not met the minimum standard. We do all we can to help them meet the standard however they have to rise to the occasion, it’s just a fact of life for all of us. We have the task of making the next generation ready to assume leadership, that is our God given task to which you and others have embraced and dedicated yourself to! Bravo brother, keep up the good work. We do it because we care, we give a damn because God really cares about important things. Instead of complaining about a situation, we do something positive to change it. Be the change that you want to see!

Mark Harden

Parent of a EMETSEEI Institute Graduate!

I just wanted to thank you again for today.  I was most impressed with your teaching approach and abilities.  I look forward to future interactions, and will certainly send people your way.
Jesse B

"Our country of Japan had no standardization of pre-hospital trauma care, we contacted EMETS Inc who promptly brought us ITLS programs. Since their first arrival our training level has now spread ITLS throughout Japan and most of its EMS/Fire departments. We are forever grateful to Jeff Gilliard and Les Williams, they are known in our history as the "Godfathers of Japanese EMS".

Atsushi Sueyoshi, MD
ITLS of Japan, Medical Director Tokushuki Hospital, Kyoto

The EMETSEEI Institute was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn. Our primary mission is serving the community as a emt paramedic school.

What does this mean to be in a emt paramedic school? A learning experience that cannot be compared with other emt training schools. On top of experience our professional staff have multiple Instructor certifications from CPR, ACLS, PALS, ITLS, TCCC, TACMed, Active Shooter and Incident Command just to name a few. Our classes in Rockledge hold no more than 25 in each course, providing a team oriented learning environment. Our students complete the paramedic training school with the knowledge that will not only provide them an opportunity to pass the State exam but the skills to take care of patients properly and professionally.

At EMETSEEI Institute we are an institute of Welcome &  Belonging!


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