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EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge. is an approved EMT and Paramedic Florida Licensed School from the Florida Department of Education CIE read more

Physical Address

1027 Florida Ave. S. Suite B

Rockledge, Florida 32955-2132

Simulation Lab Address

1016 Florida Ave. S. Suite A Rockledge Florida 32955-2132

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emetseei institute, EMT, Paramedic Education Rockledge, Florida

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EMS Refreshers

EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge offers EMT and Paramedic Refresher Course, and Paramedic Refresher Course  (School/Home/Distant Learning Programs) All Programs now are Florida state approved National Standard Refreshers. start registration here

We’d love to meet with you for a free  EMT paramedic school consultation. Simply fill out the contact form to request information on our emergency medical technician training, paramedic , EMT certification, EMT training schools and paramedic training school.