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Todd Soard Vice President, MRP/MED/PhD. educational psychology, heads up our EMT and Paramedic school assessment team in Rockledge. The EMETSEEI Institute team uses a series learn more

EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge, Florida. A Florida Department of Education (CIE) and Bureau of EMS approved EMT and Paramedic school, offering EMT and Paramedic education.

To find out more information on EMETSEEI Institute Paramedic and EMT education call us at 321-417-5151.

EMETSEEI Institute is also a NAEMT Training Center: TC# 7555

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Jeffery D. Gilliard, President, NRP/CCEMTP/FPC, BS, formed EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge with Dr. Soard in October of 2015. Mr. Gilliard also serves as the program director and brings specialized experience in EMT and Paramedic school academicslearn more

EMS Refreshers

EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge offers EMT and Paramedic Refresher Course, and Paramedic Refresher Course  (School/Home/Distant Learning Programs) All Programs now are Florida state approved National Standard Refreshers. start registration here


EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge. is an approved EMT and Paramedic Florida Licensed School from the Florida Department of Education CIE read more

NAEMT Training Center #7555

Emt Paramedic School

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Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


EMETSEEI Institute in Rockledge is an approved Florida Licensed School from the Florida Department of Education CIE and the Florida Bureau of EMS. Next 300 hour EMT program will begin January 2018 and 1150 hour Paramedic program will begin June 2018. Register now!

Passing the program and State exam depends on you the student, however, each student is afforded the ability to tap into some of the finest and most experienced Paramedics that will help you in your EMS career. EMESTEEI EMT and Paramedic students are offered the opportunity to come out with the needed certificates that will put them on top in the hiring process.

Call our office for more registration details at (321) 417-5151